Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Xmas Time is comming up!

the time of love and commerce is approaching quick..
.. so bake the cake, stash the gooze and chill the booze!   and if you like to give some gifts.. get mine!

the AKEYO giftboxes have some unique features... because you can either just toss the giftbox over to your pal,..
.. or go the romantic way and lay the nicely wrapped giftbox under your xmas tree.. and let your beloved friend touch the giftbox to have it hand out the contents to him/her..
the gifted person will get the item will all copy and mod permissions as it was intended.. and also gets registered as AKEYO user of the product.. with all the attached benefits that AKEYO customers do love..   redelivery terminal use, support, updates, infos, etc..

and since today, they are even available for Dance Packs !!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Support Day

short ago, Lindenlab messed up realy bad and accidentaly removed many legal animations from many peoples inventories. This affected the work of many creators and tons of animations.
My Support staff and myself worked hard to answer almost a thousand ims and people where by times standing in line at the redelivery terminal.
Today we did manage to catch up.   Drama solved.. back to animation work !! YAY

Friday, November 18, 2011

Price Drop Animation Overriders !!

today i did lower the prices for my Animation Overriders from 2300L$ to 1900L$ for the Xmas season.
Also for the AO in Giftboxes.
Enjoy and have fun!!  artoo

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hunting time !!

the diamond mine hunt 2011 is starting this night!
i have put a diamond and made 4 exclusive animations for it.
these anims have never been in SL before..  i hope you like them

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello. my name is artoo

i just turned 5 in SL..   and since its got a bit quiet about Akeyo over the summer,
more and more people send emails asking whats up.
My friend  Miyoko from  HelaMiyo  (Poses / Anims) suggested to make this blog.
So yea,.. this is propably a good way to see whats going on..   because deadlock is never the case!

one of many pictures of AKEYO's wavebreakers made and emailed to me by a Fan.   THANKS!!